Pushchair obsessed

I LOVE pushchairs! It’s a ridiculous obsession that began when I was looking for our first pushchair back in 2016. I can tell you the brand of 80% of pushchairs/strollers just from a glance in the street. I get proper pram envy when I see a really nice one.

To date I’ve owned 5 pushchairs. Which is ridiculous when you consider I’ve only needed one for two years.

My first pushchair was GORGEOUS! I searched for months to find something I loved that wasn’t insanely expensive. I wanted something a little different, so we went for the Cosatto wish travel system in the pattern “my space”. I really loved this pushchair! I loved the design, I loved how smoothly it went across the awful Wiltshire pavements and I loved the brand. Cosatto are a British company and pretty much everything they make is stunning! However, when autumn was about 3 months old, she decided she HATED this pushchair! I tried everything to make her like it but nothing worked!

In the end we decided to sell it and buy another pushchair. I wanted something a little more plain this time, (mainly because I was fed up of people calling her a boy because she was in a real pushchair). After reading countless reviews we went for the babystyle Oyster. A gorgeous pram that folds up pretty small and is relatively customisable. I’m a sucker for a nice leather handlebar so this colour scheme was a no brainer. My husband also loved it and I think he felt pretty cool pushing it. They oyster worked really well for us and Autumn really loved being in it.

We went on holiday with my grandparents when Autumn was a few months old, they own a narrowboat, so we thought it best to buy a more compact stroller to save space on the boat. We went for the Joie litetrax in chromium, mainly because it was pretty cheap and still looked really nice. That stroller was a godsend on the holiday but because we still had the oyster it kind of got made redundant and spent the best part of a year in the shed.

The Joie has been hidden away for so long that I completely forgot we owned it, as did my husband. Which is probably why he didn’t question it when I asked him to drive me to the other side of our town to collect a second hand Cosatto stroller. (Autumn was a little over 1 at this point and had outgrown the Oyster)

This was another gorgeous stroller. It was second hand so it had a few scrapes but nothing major. As much as I really did like this stroller I had a few complains, the two biggest being that the seat liner just wouldn’t stay put, because it’s held on by two Velcro straps at the top and then the rest is kept in place by the harness. As you can see in the photo it often got squished up, it didn’t actually affect the pushchair but it was pretty annoying. My main issue was the brake, it was the stiffest thing I’d ever used in my life. In the end I just gave up using it because I had to bend down and push/pull it with my hands to actually use it.

We still have the Cosatto stroller and I expect I’ll use it when Zelda is bigger ( unless my husband lets me buy another one. Hehe).

When I found out I was pregnant with Zelda we started looking at buying all the newborn parts for the oyster, carrycot, car seat adapters etc. But it was looking pretty expensive! We decided it would be more cost effective to sell the Oyster and buy a second hand pushchair which already had everything we needed.

We decided on Bugaboo after reading multiple reviews. Truthfully, I’d been lusting after a Bugaboo since I saw one of my NCT friends Donkey. We found a cameleon for £90 in fairly good condition, it was 2 hours away but we decided for that price it was worth it. I adore this pushchair, I wish we’d gone with Bugaboo a long time ago. I really don’t think there’s anything I could complain about. The carrycot is huge, which is great for my giant, fast growing babies. The colour pack that we have with ours is gorgeous (if slightly faded)

The thing I really love about Bugaboo is how customisable everything is. The plan, eventually, is to vinyl wrap the frame to cover scratches and marks, buy some leather handle bar covers as the foam is a bit ripped in places, and at some point I’d like to get a second colour pack, possibly soft pink or ruby red.

These things cost money though so it might take me a while. But it’s definitely a work in progress.

I doubt this will be my last pushchair to be honest, the addiction is too strong aha.

If you’d like a more in depth review of any of these pushchairs then let me know. I’d also be interested to know if anyone else is as obsessed as me!

Thank you for reading, and stay strong Muma’s.


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