The birth of Zelda-Mae

Another long one I’m afraid. Here’s the story of my pregnancy and delivery of Zelda-Mae.

This pregnancy was anything but easy. I was incredibly ill at the beginning, no doctors believed how ill I was, I couldn’t even hold down water. I felt horrific! Eventually I was admitted to hospital and good job too! I had plus plus ketones in my urine, I’d lost 9kgs and I looked so, so ill!

I stayed overnight and had 4 bags of IV fluids and felt a lot better. I was put on cyclizine for my sickness and sent on my way, the pills helped A LOT and I started to gain weight again and felt relatively human. THEN I started to get a lot of back and hip pain. After seeing 3 GP’s and a physio I was told I had SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) and basically they couldn’t do anything accept tell me to take paracetamol. Great! (Eyeroll)

Caring for a toddler and yourself when you’re nauseous and in ridiculous pain is not easy I’ll tell you! But somehow I got through it.

At 36 weeks I started having regular contractions, I was taken to hospital and hooked up to the CTG. After a 14 hour hospital stay they decided that I wasn’t in labour but the contractions were real and baby would be on their way soon!

Amazing I thought, I can start feeling normal again. Haha how wrong I was.

My due date came and went, much to my dismay, and the prospect of induction was looking more and more likely.

Then at 40 weeks and 6 days at around 10am I started having contractions again, however, this had been happening on and off for 5 weeks so I assumed it wasn’t labour and went on with my day. I finished my bowl of tuna pasta and walked upstairs for a wee. When I got to the top of the stairs I had a very strong contraction that stopped me in my tracks, from then on they were 3 minutes apart, I wondered if it was the real thing but I didn’t feel like I was in as much pain as last time so I sort of wrote it off. Fast forward about 10 minutes, it’s about 12:30pm and things are starting to really hurt. Now I’m thinking I should go to the BC (birthing centre). I rung my mum and she came to watch Autumn and then we went off.

When we got there I was examined and, to my surprise, I was 6cm. I was gobsmacked! It really didn’t hurt as much as last time so I was very very surprised to know if dilated that far!

We got into our delivery room and I started rocking on the ball. At this point things got real! I had to dig my nails into my husbands hand to get through contractions. The midwife asked if I’d like to get in the pool now and I jumped at the chance.

My waters still hadn’t broken and the water was slowing my contractions down. The midwife started getting concerned and I started getting upset. She said I had 10 more minutes in the pool and if things hadn’t sped up I’d have to get out. Just as she said that my waters went with a pop (I thought I’d just farted). But my contractions were nearly 8 minutes apart so she made me get out.

I was NOT happy about it.

I was on all fours on the bed and I needed to push! I started trying but it was ridiculously painful (still hadn’t had pain relief) the midwife asked me to lie on my back so she could check me.

She looked concerned and called in another midwife, I really started to panic at this point, she then told me that I was only 9cm when I started pushing so part of my vaginal wall was over babies head and stopping her from coming out (OUCH!) she said I could go to hospital and have forceps or she could try and hold it out of the way while I pushed. I told her to do whatever she had to do to stop me going to hospital. So she held the wall out of the way and I pushed like I’ve never pushed before. 10 minutes of insanely painful pushing and my husband delivered our second girl at 4:12pm on February 9th 2019. Weight a whopping 9lbs 1oz.

He pulled her out and put her on my chest. I have never felt relief like it!

I had a 2nd degree tear again, so needed to be stitched. I hadn’t had any pain relief during labour so I huffed the gas and air like nobodies business whilst she stitched me up.

And that was that, I was a mummy to another gorgeous girl. And all without medication!! I felt, and still feel, like superwoman for that!

If you’d like to hear about life with a newborn and a toddler let me know!

Thanks for reading and stay strong Muma’s!


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